Jul 18, 2019



Dwipo Lubis Baskoro & Partners (“DLBP”) has succesfully enforced its client’s exclusive right over a well-known registered mark, namely “SUBWAY”, against a restaurant located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The owner of the restaurant has obeyed our request to stop using our client’s mark “SUBWAY” as their restaurant decorations. The mark "SUBWAY" was all over the restaurant and had been misleading some people who visited the restaurant, mistaken the restaurant as one of the largest sandwich chains in the world. “It is our pleasure to assist those who own exclusive right over their Intellectual Property (“IP”), although we have been doing this many times, we always have the same passion in assisting our clients in protecting their IP rights, specifically in Indonesia”, said Damar Swarno Dwipo (lead partner) as he commented on this case.